Disappearing Nine Patch quilt

Posted by Bronwyn Beazley on

I promised a little tutorial back when I made my ‘Under The Sea’ Disappearing Nine Patch quilt. I thought I’d make a new block up so I could take some step by step photos, and … ooops … I somehow have a new quilt!

Note: You can use completely random colours; choose one colour to repeat for each centre square to give a little consistency; create nine patch blocks that are identical in colour and layout etc. I chose to make random coloured blocks for this quilt, using a restricted palette of blue and mustard. Pinterest has plenty of ideas that may help you choose your colours.

Cut 108 5 inch squares (this will make 12 traditional nine patch blocks that finish at 14 inches square).

The completed disappearing nine patch blocks will finish at 13.5 inches, with the completed quilt top will be about 39 inches by 52 inches.

I like to chain piece, so I pieced together 36 two block units.

I then added an additional square to each of these units, giving me 36 rows with three blocks each.

You can lay these rows out into 9 patch units before pressing to allow you to distribute colours evenly.

Press your top and bottom rows of your nine patch blocks in one direction, and your centre rows in the other direction. This will help your seams nest together neatly.

Create 12 six-block units, and press seams.

Add another three block unit to each of the six-block units, then press.

If you’re a trimmer, trim your blocks to even up the edges, remembering that the nine patch blocks should be 14 inches square. I find that this pattern is pretty forgiving though if you’d rather not fuss with trimming.

Cut the block into four equal pieces by cutting through the centre of the block vertically and horizontally. 

Turn the top right and bottom left squares 180 degrees, then piece the four blocks back together.

Repeat this with the remainder of your basic nine patch blocks until they are all stitched together.

Lay out your twelve completed blocks in your chosen layout, and sew into four rows of three blocks. Press seams in alternate directions for each row, so that they nest together when joining rows.

Sew the four rows together, and press.

Ta-da! One finished Disappearing Nine Patch quilt top.

These quilts can look so different depending on your chosen colours, and the way you rotate your squares once the nine patch units have been cut. Have fun experimenting with different options.

Note: All the prints I've used in this quilt are available in the store as fat eighths, fat quarters or yardage. If you'd like a custome bundle, just let me know.